About us

Taco Mexicano specializes in Mexican food and the ” Tex – Mex”  - a fusion of Mexican and American cuisine. Mexican cuisine is exceptionally aromatic, fanciful and full of colors. An incredible diversity of flavors kindles the senses of anyone who searches for new culinary sensations.  In our menu our guests may find a wide variety of dishes, prepared according to recipes brought straight from Mexico. 

It is the client who decides about accompaniments and piquancy of a dish. Those, who want to eat something really spicy can always count on extra portions of jalapeños or  chili chipotles. 
Tequila is, of course, the queen of our drinks, though the king, rum, follows her closely. Thanks to this couple, such exquisite drinks as Margarita,  Daiquiri, Mojito, and Cuba Libre are created. 

Additional attraction are salsa sauces prepared according to a traditional recipe, before our guests’ eyes. The recipe was given away to our staff by a native Mexican, Gabriel  -  our consultant  for all matters connected with his homeland.  Thanks to him, each Sunday, our youngest guests together with their parents can know the emotions of breaking a piñata, and on a weekday, learn some interesting facts about life in Mexico. 
There are 5 rooms at our guests’ disposal. The unique atmosphere of the place is created by an original decor  made by a Mexican designer from Santiago de Queretaro – Laura Vanquez. In the restaurant our guests may see paintings and appliances from the legendary rancho La Epifania in Mexico, where Sławomir Mrożek, world –famous writer and playwright, lived before settling in Kraków. 

Taco Mexicano is a perfect place for meetings, both social and business ones, romantic suppers for two, integration banquets and occasional parties.